Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Combine the elements of your life into a harmonious whole: Integration

I enjoyed these tips from Jeff Klein, author of Working For Good, about recognizing the value in integration of all aspects of our lives.  Though it is easy to mentally compartmentalize work, family, entertainment, hobbies, and friends... all the areas of our life still make up just ONE LIFE.  We can't hide one from the other, nor prevent one area from influencing other areas.  Klein suggests recognizing integration as a way to creatively improve our life.  Here is one set of tips he recently sent out in his March 2011 Reflections Newsletter:

Making Space for Integration
Tune in: recognize where you feel integrated and where you don't.

Change channels: if you find your self stuck - whether in your mind, body, emotions etc - then shift to another "channel." Thinking stagnant? Move your body. Too tired to work out? Listen to some music or meditate or address an emotional block. Can't come up with a good solution to a business challenge? Look at art books. Since our thoughts, feelings and emotions are all part of one process, if we are stuck in one channel, we can move our whole being via another channel of experience, and return to where we were stuck, to find it too has shifted. 

Tune in again: and continue the process as necessary.

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