Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wake up!

Waking up means being able to observe our life as if it were happening to someone else. It means thinking and speaking consciously, knowing that what we think and say on Tuesday becomes the life we live on Thursday.  Waking up means we don't see the other as better or less than ourselves. We see the other as our self.
~Jan Phillips 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec. 1: Pay It Forward Day!

Today, December first, is quickly becoming the new Pay It Forward Day....
 For my local friends and clients...
Shop at Good Vibrations in Chester and receive a 
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 ...then... Pay It Forward!  :)

Practice random acts of kindness

Buy an overseas soldier a cup of coffee through the Cup of Joe program 

Pay for the gas, coffee, groceries, toll-fee of the person behind you in line...

Pay an unexpected compliment

Watch the neighbor's children for an hour

Wash a window

Make a cake

Be Unexpected!

Be Unafraid!

Be Stealthy!

Enjoy the good feeling vibes of helping another struggling person on the planet...

... & have fun...!