Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quiet, Please...

A thoughtful article on the value of taking time in our lives to be quiet. Several people have approached me to provide meditation instruction and opportunity, only to drop it after a couple of classes. It is often not so easy to discipline ourselves to remember why we wanted meditation in the first place... until things get a little crazy, overwhelming, scattered. Then I think, if I had taken the time to be quiet, to listen to my insides, to my heart, to let the dust settle, this day could have been easier... ~jd

When was the last time you were quiet enough
to really feel your pulse, to notice the rhythm of your body,
and hear your heart's messages?
For most of us, it's been a long time, much longer in fact than is good for us. And as a result of not being quiet enough to pay attention to our inner world, we lose touch with the inner messages, both simple and profound, about what decisions are really good for our lives.
Unfortunately, the excuses for not taking the time to be quiet are many. Personally, my primary excuse is that I have too much to do... I'm too busy, there's too much on my plate. But I have recently made a new commitment (I had to re-commit to this one!) to take the time every day to stop, be quiet, and listen to my inner voice.
Which excuses do you use? Below are some typical "yes, buts that I and my workshop participants use to avoid or "forget" to be quiet during the day:
(1) I'm too busy to take time to be quiet, I can't afford the extra time.
Actually, you can't afford *not* to take the extra time. It will save you so much time later if you are still and quiet for a few minutes a day and if you listen to what is right for you.
(2) I don't know how to really be quiet and make it useful.
This is a common complaint - we weren't taught how to make "being quiet" useful for us, so we don't know "how" to be quiet and improve our lives. Sometimes we just need to practice being quiet, and notice the benefits later. In other words, be quiet every day, and don't focus on "usefulness" yet.
(3) It doesn't feel safe to be quiet, I don't like what I hear.
This is a wonderful "tappable" issue of course, because it means that at least one time in your life, when you were quiet, you were very uncomfortable with the "messages" you received. Tapping on this fear of not being safe will move you forward dramatically.
(4) I get bored being quiet. I need to be doing something more "productive."
Yes, this represents our societal value system to be "productive." If we could only realize how "productive" we could be by being quiet and still in our lives. Getting bored? No worries, that's a "tappable" issue as well.
(5) What's the point of being quiet -- I don't see the value.
There are so many "points" of being quiet, the main one being that it's good for your body and soul. Isn't that valuable enough?
(6) It seems like a waste of time, I don't expect it to help me be more successful in my business.
Again, this reflects the hurrying mode we are all in... so we feel compelled not to "waste" any time, and need every minute to be "productive" for our businesses. Nothing could be further from the truth - slowing down and being still and quiet couldn't be a better use of your time, regardless of the business you own.
What if we could actually feel inspired to take time to be quiet and listen to our heart every day?
What if we could start to look forward to these "quiet times" in our day, to cherish and protect these times of stillness and self-reflection.
What if we committed to ourselves that we would take a few minutes every day to listen to our heart... I wonder how much would improve in our lives...
Why aren't you already taking time
to be still and quiet every day to listen
and respect what your heart is telling you?
In spite of my sporadic commitment to "being quiet" -- I have found so many benefits of being quiet and listening to my heart's wisdom. Here is my "top ten" list of benefits of being quiet and listening to what's going on inside...
(1) Being quiet allows you to access your heart's wisdom.
We all have incredible wisdom available to us, but we can't access what we don't take time to hear.
(2) Being quiet slows down your racing energy from the tasks of the day.
We all need a rest, a break from the high intensity pace we move at during the day.
(3) Being quiet actually helps you solve the problems that are taking up so much of your energy.
If we don't listen to our inner wisdom, we can't solve the problems of our lives.
(4) Allowing yourself time to be quiet slows down your reactivity... helps you be more measured when there are crisis situations.
Wouldn't it be nice to be less reactive in your life? Wouldn't it be a relief to be more useful in a crisis situation?
(5) Taking time to be still and quiet gets your body's rhythms back in sync... you'll feel more calm, centered and strong.
Stress from all parts of our lives creates tension and we tend to override the messages we should be paying attention to. Taking the time to be still and quiet slows this process down so you can feel more centered physically and emotionally.
(6) Taking time to be quiet and listen to your internal wisdom raises your vibration immediately.
Remember, that's the name of the game -- we want to find new ways to raise our vibration so the Universe "notices" that we are joyful and can interpret what we want.
(7) Being quiet allows you to be able to access your creative voice which is good for your business and personal life.
I love being creative (see my newsletter from a few weeks ago, "More Creativity, Please...") because it helps me personally and professionally. I seem to "hear" better ideas, execute them more elegantly, and overall, feel more peaceful about my life.
(8) Being quiet helps you focus on what you do want, not what you don't want.
Sometimes in the busy day, we are more focused on what we are trying to fix rather than on what we want to manifest. Being quiet helps us remember what we do want.
(9) Allowing yourself time to be quiet gives you emotional relief from the daily static and stress of your life.
Any time we are adding "relief" to our day, we are raising our vibration and allowing ourselves to manifest more abundance.
(10) Being quiet... is, well, quiet and restful, and being quiet and restful is good for all the systems in your body and your mind.
When you take care of your immune system, your body/mind connection and the balance in your life, you will be more successful in every part of your life.
The important question is:
Are you worth it?
This "habit" of taking time to be quiet should be right up there with sleeping, brushing your teeth and tapping... so why isn't it on your daily schedule?
It's your choice...
Choose to put aside time to be still and quiet,
to listen to and respect your inner wisdom
and watch your vibration improve!

by Carol Look