Monday, January 14, 2008

Chico Events: Snow Goose Festival, Jan 25-27

Those who know me also know that I am a bird freak. A non-Audubon, seat-of-my-pants, self-educated wild bird lover. Whether watching the feeders out my office window or watching the skies on hiking trails, while driving (!?), and listening for the unusual calls of the raptors and songbirds of any neighborhood, they fascinate me and take me out of my earth-bound world for a brief spell. With that in mind, let me share this notice of wild-bird focused activities and events held in Chico, CA.

With the estimated overall population of Snow Geese exceeding 5 million, as many as one and a half million use the Pacific Flyway. Tens of thousands of these will winter right here in our own backyard. So it is with these things in mind that we once again invite you to come and rediscover this magnificent spectacle of nature at the 9th Annual Snow Goose Festival.

No time to join yourself? Enjoy this peaceful, 2-minute Snow Goose Festival multimedia presentation of photography and piano music at


norma said...

'Bird Freak' Please check out another
about another 'bird freak'

MawDot said...

Hi Jan,
You have a great blog going here! I have one at
but mine is just little everyday things and not at all professional. I loved the snowgoose festival video & music.
Your friend from WU,