Thursday, July 19, 2007

Celebrate National Safety Month by Learning CPR

If you saw someone having a cardiac arrest, would you know how to perform CPR? Most people don't.

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. When performed immediately and effectively after cardiac arrest, it can double a victim's chance of survival. CPR helps save lives by maintaining vital blood flow to the heart and brain until more advanced care can be given.

What better way to honor National Safety Month than by learning this lifesaving skill? Now it's easier and more convenient than ever with the American Heart Association's CPR Anytime kit. It takes just 22 minutes to learn and can be done anywhere.

This innovative personal learning program is designed to teach the core skills of CPR in just 22 minutes. The program can be completed individually or in large groups. Each kit includes a personal, inflatable Manikin (Mini Anne), a CPR Anytime Skills Practice DVD, a CPR for Family and Friends resource booklet, and other accessories for the program. The self-directed course is based on the traditional AHA CPR for Family and Friends Course and has been research-proven to be equivalent to the traditional course for learning the core skills of CPR.

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