Sunday, October 31, 2010

Which Thought Feels Better?

I enjoy many sources of spiritual nourishment, some unusual, some "ordinary".  This comes from the teachings of "Abraham" as they speak through Esther Hicks, from the book Ask and it is Given.

1. Every Topic or Subject has two aspects to it:  what is desired and the lack of it (ie, think money and health).  
-we can spend lots of time paying attention to our money or our health, [setting good intentions, looking for positive results], without realizing most of our subconscious thoughts on the topic are in fact negatively oriented.  This is where our hidden limitations and resistance to growth live.

2. Take time to connect with and identify your feelings right now, leaving aside everyone else's desires, ideas, opinions and beliefs (easier said than done, esp. for people pleasers and co-dependents).
   a. state how you feel.
   b. amplify it with more thoughts on "a."
   c. now reach for some thoughts that feel a little better...   evaluating as you go, Better, Same or Worse?

3. Move in the direction of the Better Feeling Thoughts.  Make it a practice to identify your (negative) feelings, identify some better feeling thoughts about the first feeling (even only slightly better is good!).  Dwell in that space a while...

"Your thoughts change the behavior of everyone and everything around you.  The better you feel, the more things and people around you improve.  Conditions and circumstances change to match your feeling [state]."

Be careful about adding detailed timelines to your wishes and desires [better feeling thoughts] in this process, Abraham says: "When you put yourself on a schedule where there is a deadline, then very often the shortage of time or money looms up and contradicts the [better feeling] energy, making you miserable [worse feeling]."  

Have fun with this.  There are many roads to Rome as they say...

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