Saturday, March 22, 2008

Could Your Perfume be Killing You?

An open article regarding the use and abuse of "perfumed" items in the daily routine
March 9th 2008 -
By Robin Cunningham Myers, LMT, CH, RRMT, SF

Do you feel incomplete if you do not apply some sort of cologne or perfume? Feel the need for several Plug-In’s around the house, as well as a can of Glade on the back of the toilet? Do you make sure to add a “spritz-for-the-road” just to be sure you smell your very best?

Take care with those fragrances as they may be just the source of some of your chronic health problems, and those of the people around you.

Perfumes are added to nearly everything in our daily environment from toilet paper to ink pens. Products are leaping off the shelves in many stores such as candles, aerosols, hair care products, and cleaning products, all claiming to be aromatherapy. The challenge for the average consumer is to discern between perfumed fragrances, and aromatherapy.

In the past, perfumes were created from essential oils and flower waters. The healing properties were considered along with the aroma of each plant when creating perfumes. This was a genuine use of what is termed aromatherapy.

Today, however, there is very little use of actual plant constituents, and a predominant use of petrochemical derivatives. “About 95 percent of perfume ingredients are not composed of flower essences or natural products as people generally imagine, but synthesized from petrochemicals, which give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), vapors emitted from compounds like solvents, wood preservatives, paint strippers and dry cleaned clothing,” according to a recent article on MSNBC by Francesca Lyman titled “Scents and Sensitivities, What to know before buying a loved one perfume.”

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