Friday, September 7, 2007

Moonlight WildFire

Closure: At 64,997 acres, the Moonlight Fire is the largest fire in recorded Plumas County history. This equals 101.5 acres... (updated Sept. 26, 2007)

Courtesy Janet Cox, c. 2007 All Rights Reserved.

This wildfire, 12 miles from my home, has been the centerpiece of our lives this week. The fire started on Monday, Labor Day, and quickly grew into a massive firestorm, now consuming over 28,000 acres in Northeastern California. Tucked in the steep rugged terrain of the Sierras, between Susanville, Westwood, Chester, Greenville, Taylorsville and Quincy, CA. There are many photos and plenty of information updates at the website listed above as well as the Incident Information System website for wildfires on public lands. Yesterday we choked on thick smoke and ash, with brown skies and red sun most of the day. Fortunately for those of us west of the fire, winds changed direction and carried most of the smoke away. It is still listed as only 8% contained with the risk of spreading listed as extreme (according to InciWeb).

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